Chaos with a Smile: Andrew W.K.’s The Power of Partying Tour

In  the pantheon of great motivational speakers, certain people come to mind: Saturday night, thanks to an overwhelming sense of curiosity and a girlfriend who’s always up for something new, saw me at a venue normally associated with rock performances, hosting a rock singer. This, however, was different. It was a spoken word appearance byContinue reading “Chaos with a Smile: Andrew W.K.’s The Power of Partying Tour”

So It Goes; Russian Circles

So, August turned out to be a pretty shit month for me and a lot of people I know. I try not to be one to complain, but…just wow. Talking about it here, in a (relatively) public forum, may seem to some people like I’m oversharing or not keeping something private that others may notContinue reading “So It Goes; Russian Circles”

Stull Cemetery: Of Course Kansas Has a Portal to Hell

I’m a sucker for urban legends. Ghost stories, haunted houses, monsters, you name it. So when the chance came along to visit a somewhat famous “haunted” cemetery touted as a portal to Hell frequented by THE DEVIL HIMSELF, I jumped at it. Stull Cemetery is located in the postage stamp-sized town of Stull, Kansas–approximately 10 minutesContinue reading “Stull Cemetery: Of Course Kansas Has a Portal to Hell”

Hi, I’m a self-indulgent hypocrite

There might be a little bit of hyperbole in that title, but not much. I’ve been busier so far this year with creative/artsy stuff than I have been in my whole life up until now, and I have to say it’s been pretty cool. So get comfortable while I talk about myself and clumsily humblebragContinue reading “Hi, I’m a self-indulgent hypocrite”

A Somewhat Verbose Shout Out to My Fellow Dispatchers

I’ve always been hesitant to talk about my job on here. I work directly with law enforcement and people are extremely passionate about the issue on both sides. Discussing it (as with many other political or hot-button issues) doesn’t really interest me. I’d rather debate which was the best season of Buffy The Vampire SlayerContinue reading “A Somewhat Verbose Shout Out to My Fellow Dispatchers”

What is this? Is this a cusp?

I’m not a huge sports guy, but when I think about my 2015, the most fitting term I can think of to describe it is a sports metaphor: It was a rebuilding year. I know vague Facebook and blog posts are annoying, but I’m also somewhat guarded about my private life—I’ll go into a littleContinue reading “What is this? Is this a cusp?”

Remembering Rolonda

Has this ever happened to you: you’re minding your own business, thinking about whatever perfectly normal thing is passing through your head, when next thing you know you’re thinking about someone or something you haven’t thought about in years? Without even realizing what took you there, you’ve somehow been transported to another place and/or timeContinue reading “Remembering Rolonda”

Halloween Horror Edition

October seemed to creep up on me somehow this year. Before I turned around the month was already almost half over and Halloween was in danger of passing me by. I rarely squander the chance to celebrate the season, so I decided to binge on some horror movies and thrillers on Netflix over the pastContinue reading “Halloween Horror Edition”

Loneliness vs Being Alone

Last night I did something I’d always wanted to do, but had never gotten the chance: I went out to the middle of nowhere (sort of) and watched the Perseid meteor shower.    I say sort of because the spot I went wasn’t exactly top secret and quite a few people turned out to see theContinue reading “Loneliness vs Being Alone”