Well, Isn’t This a Nice Surprise!

I was getting restless. I wondered if people were going to think I was crazy or, worse yet, making it up when I said I had another story being published. I checked Nebula Rift magazine’s Facebook page and website regularly and saw no updates or announcements of new issues, and they never emailed me toContinue reading “Well, Isn’t This a Nice Surprise!”

3 Reasons Why Man Cannot Live on Netflix Alone

Well, this man, anyway. Netflix is the rare technological advancement that’s totally affordable but I haven’t adopted yet. For the longest time it was because I had no device to deliver Netflix to my TV—my gaming days ended way back at the PS1 (which, not to get on a tangent, but I’m very grateful for.Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Man Cannot Live on Netflix Alone”

The Eagle Has Landed: My first published story sees the light of day

After proudly telling the world (which is, literally, tens of people) I’d finally gotten not one, but two stories accepted for publication last month, next I did the only thing I could—I waited. And waited. I realized that I had no idea when either magazine/journal would actually come out, and started to feel a little uncomfortableContinue reading “The Eagle Has Landed: My first published story sees the light of day”

The Emancipation of Jackie

It’s been a crazy week or so around here, but oddly enough there’s not much to say as to why it’s been so crazy. There may be something to talk about in the near future, but for now it’s just crickets and tumbleweeds around here. In a smidge of writing news, I finished one ofContinue reading “The Emancipation of Jackie”

Random Thoughts: Twitter, Facebook, and Mike

I’ve been on Twitter quite awhile now, but I never really used it in a “professional” capacity. I followed mostly comedians and the like, and that was how I enjoyed my Twitter: as occasional entertainment, for a few laughs and not much else. I followed some writers, some fellow bloggers, and that was it. IContinue reading “Random Thoughts: Twitter, Facebook, and Mike”

A BoJ Field Trip/Research Project

My dad came to visit over Memorial Day weekend. If you’re wondering after reading my previous post about what happens whenever my in-laws visit, you’ll be happy to know that my dad’s stay was thankfully uneventful. The timing of him coming when he did worked out fairly well—I’d hit a stumbling block with one of myContinue reading “A BoJ Field Trip/Research Project”

When It Rains, It Pours

*F-bomb alert. Great news: another one of my stories, Aiden’s Acting Up Again, has been accepted for publication by The Rusty Nail Literary Magazine. I’m not sure of their publication schedule, so I can’t tell you when to look for it, but of course I’ll pass along the info when I get it. So, after monthsContinue reading “When It Rains, It Pours”

My In-laws Bring a Curse With Them Every Time They Visit My House

I love my wife’s parents. And although in-laws have been the butt of jokes practically since the dawn of time, I really hit the in-law lottery when I married my wife. You couldn’t ask for two nicer people to be in your extended family. But…there’s a problem. They carry a curse—a jinx, a hex, callContinue reading “My In-laws Bring a Curse With Them Every Time They Visit My House”

What Has Two Thumbs and Just Got a Short Story Published?

I had to read the email three times to make sure I wasn’t seeing things, but yes indeed, one of my short stories is being published! My sci-fi flash fiction piece Tale of the Revolution is going to appear in the upcoming issue of Nebula Rift magazine, Volume 2  Number 4, put out by eFictionContinue reading “What Has Two Thumbs and Just Got a Short Story Published?”