H is for Horror (& Pizza)

I love pizza. I can’t say unequivocally it’s my absolute favorite food, but it’s definitely up there. But the thing is, for every beautifully made, artisanal pie utilizing only the finest ingredients, there is a greasy pizza with too much cheese, or the sauce tastes a little funny, or in the case of a localContinue reading “H is for Horror (& Pizza)”

G is for a Gibson ES-125 – My Pride and Joy

This is my guitar. There are many like it, but this one is mine. OK, OK, enough with the Full Metal Jacket schtick. I have heavy musical influences on both sides of my family. On my dad’s side, I got an intense love and appreciation for all kinds of music, namely the blues and rockContinue reading “G is for a Gibson ES-125 – My Pride and Joy”

F is for Freaks Letting Their Freak Flags Fly

I think part of the reason I put off getting back into writing was because I was scared. I worried what people would think. Not so much whether or not it was any good, but the subject matter and the language. I gravitate toward the dark side, and my stories tend to show that inContinue reading “F is for Freaks Letting Their Freak Flags Fly”

Editing – Boy, Does It Ever Stink

Even though I’ve been writing for a long time now, up until the last year or so it’s been on again, off again.  So in no way do I consider myself experienced. I wrote my first novella in 2000. I finished the rough draft for my second one 06/15/12. I’m still not done editing andContinue reading “Editing – Boy, Does It Ever Stink”

Dreams – Sleep Paralysis and The Old Hag

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams. I can still remember a couple of my dreams from early childhood, and several from different points in my life. I’ve always wondered what placed certain people and places into your dreams, and I find it extraordinary how much about dreams is still unexplained. I’ve had dreams that were:Continue reading “Dreams – Sleep Paralysis and The Old Hag”

C is for Comedy – Why I Love Stand Up

Does this picture make you smile? Does it make you groan? It’s OK either way, there’s no wrong answer. I love to laugh, so it makes sense that I love comedy. Who wouldn’t? Besides, laughter is good for you. People way smarter than me have proven it, so if you don’t believe me, visit aContinue reading “C is for Comedy – Why I Love Stand Up”

BUGS – The Goldenrain Tree Bug is the Bane of My Existence

See the pretty tree in this picture? This is a Goldenrain tree. It’s a very colorful tree, starting in the spring with tiny yellow blossoms (golden rain) that give way to little pinkish-orange pods (seen in the above picture), which contain tiny little black seeds. In the fall the green leaves turn a vibrant yellowContinue reading “BUGS – The Goldenrain Tree Bug is the Bane of My Existence”

A is for Award!

I was beginning to stress about April’s A-Z Challenge, being such a pro-level procrasinator, when I read Brooke Devereaux‘s news that she had been nominated for a Liebster Award. I then read on her blog that part of accepting the award involved not just giving some information about yourself by way of questions from theContinue reading “A is for Award!”

Indecision, Second-Guessing, and Procrastination

I decided to slightly alter the header on the blog so that it now says “(self?)Publication”.  Here’s why:  Since I now have two works that are nearly ready for prime time, I spent some time this week researching the self-publication process, even going as far as designing a peliminary cover for one of them.  IContinue reading “Indecision, Second-Guessing, and Procrastination”