Zzyzx – The Story That Officially Gave Me the Writing Bug

Living a scant three hour drive from Las Vegas for over 20 years, I went there a lot. A LOT. Weekend trips, day trips, ‘just because’ trips. I really miss Vegas. Anyway, when you made the drive that often, you began to memorize the scenery. There were a couple of small towns (one of whichContinue reading “Zzyzx – The Story That Officially Gave Me the Writing Bug”

Years Gone By – Getting Older Feels Weird

OK, right off the bat: I’m not an old person. Not even close. But I see the signs of age beginning to show, and it feels…weird. Part of me looks forward to getting older. Once you reach a certain age, it seems like you’re practically given a free pass, and you can do or sayContinue reading “Years Gone By – Getting Older Feels Weird”

Writing – I’m a Poor Swimmer

I use the expression I ‘jumped’ back into writing, but it was really anything but a jump. I got back into writing the same way I get into a cold-ass swimming pool (my wife will appreciate this analogy more than anyone else). I know I want to go swimming, but it’s cold. So Cold. So, IContinue reading “Writing – I’m a Poor Swimmer”

Van Halen – How One of The World’s Biggest Rock Bands Ruined Junior High For Me

1984 by Van Halen was the first album (tape) I ever bought with my own money. I was 11 years old, and I don’t remember how I got the money (by honest means, I assure you), but I knew that was what I wanted. I was raised on rock music. I remember as a kidContinue reading “Van Halen – How One of The World’s Biggest Rock Bands Ruined Junior High For Me”

The Usual Suspects – Use Of Red Herrings and Twist Endings

*Ridiculous spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen this 18 year-old movie, you decide whether or not to keep reading. This is one of my favorite movies. Maybe not in my top five, but definitely my top ten. From what I gather when talking about the movie with people, your enjoyment of this movie will largelyContinue reading “The Usual Suspects – Use Of Red Herrings and Twist Endings”

T M I – Too Much Information

I was minding my own business on Facebook the other day, looking at posts, and I innocently followed a link that told me (in a very graphic way) something extremely personal about someone whose work I’m a fan of. It was that person’s choice to put the information out there, and it’s not something that affectsContinue reading “T M I – Too Much Information”

Submission – Time To Make A Decision

I’m indecisive. There, I said it. I’ve been known to take weeks to make an online purchase. I read reviews, compare brands and prices, then go back and do it all over again a few days later. I’d like to think that just makes me an informed consumer, but it applies to many other aspectsContinue reading “Submission – Time To Make A Decision”

Q is for Mr. Quarles – An Ode To My Favorite Teacher

In 1986, my parents decided to move from Riverside, CA (an hour east of Los Angeles) to Hesperia, CA (a desert town an hour and a half northeast of Los Angeles). Technically, we were moving from a bigger city to a smaller city, but in terms of my schooling it was quite the opposite. InContinue reading “Q is for Mr. Quarles – An Ode To My Favorite Teacher”