Rejection, Dejection, Commendation, and Inspiration

Quite a ride on the Aspiring Writers’ Emotional Tilt-A-Whirl yesterday. I checked my email just before leaving for work to find that my second submission to a publisher has been swiftly rejected. Nothing heartbreaking or earth shattering there; to be honest, I’m not completely surprised. The novella was not necessarily the best fit for theContinue reading “Rejection, Dejection, Commendation, and Inspiration”

Turning Lemons into Limoncello

I hate mowing my lawn. I hate it with a passion. It sucks. I spent the first 95% of my life lawn free. Now, living in a piece of the country that is green, green, green, I have a lawn to mow. And weeds to kill. And volunteer trees to pull. Yard work really sucks.Continue reading “Turning Lemons into Limoncello”

Q is for Mr. Quarles – An Ode To My Favorite Teacher

In 1986, my parents decided to move from Riverside, CA (an hour east of Los Angeles) to Hesperia, CA (a desert town an hour and a half northeast of Los Angeles). Technically, we were moving from a bigger city to a smaller city, but in terms of my schooling it was quite the opposite. InContinue reading “Q is for Mr. Quarles – An Ode To My Favorite Teacher”