Publication and Promotion

Here we go again…the topic of publication and self-publication. I started the blog so sure I was going to self-publish, it’s not even funny. Then I reconsidered. Then I reconsidered again. And again. Now I’m just as undecided as I ever was. It’s not the “stigma” some people put on self-publication that bothers me. IContinue reading “Publication and Promotion”

Indecision, Second-Guessing, and Procrastination

I decided to slightly alter the header on the blog so that it now says “(self?)Publication”.  Here’s why:  Since I now have two works that are nearly ready for prime time, I spent some time this week researching the self-publication process, even going as far as designing a peliminary cover for one of them.  IContinue reading “Indecision, Second-Guessing, and Procrastination”