And Now, For a Brief Intermission

It’s hard for me to believe it’s been 20 months (almost to the day, coincidentally) since I started the blog. I’ve taken it seriously and I think it’s done wonders both for my writing itself and my mental state while trying to find my footing as a struggling author. The friends I’ve made and supportContinue reading “And Now, For a Brief Intermission”

5 Things I’ve Learned After a Year of Blogging

This is slightly premature, but let’s go with it: late February marks my one year anniversary here on the blog (blogiversary?). Yessiree, it’s been a whole 12 months since I started this thing…my, how things have changed. What have I learned in the past year? Let’s take a look back…The Books of Jobe, this isContinue reading “5 Things I’ve Learned After a Year of Blogging”

Best of 2013 – Blogs I Follow

It’s December, that time of year when everyone and their brother doles out their Top Ten and Year’s Best lists. And since I, on occasion, lack any shred of creativity and originality, I wanted to do a Top Ten/Year’s Best list of my own. That’s when I ran into a problem. I boldly and withContinue reading “Best of 2013 – Blogs I Follow”

On Constructive Criticism, Beta Readers, and Being An Accidental Fraud

Constructive Criticism Last week I found a great new (to me) website called Lit Reactor. You may have already heard of it, but if you haven’t, it’s a tremendous resource for writers looking to better their craft (and aren’t we all?). The site is a spinoff of sorts from The Cult, official website of authorContinue reading “On Constructive Criticism, Beta Readers, and Being An Accidental Fraud”

Top 5 Movies I Hated Initially, But Now Love

Before I get on to the topic at hand, a quick note: In 1992, my old band opened for the death metal band Cannibal Corpse. We had only been together a few months, and only had a half hour’s worth of material at most. But thanks to our lead singer’s relentless hustling of tickets toContinue reading “Top 5 Movies I Hated Initially, But Now Love”