Random Thoughts: Twitter, Facebook, and Mike

I’ve been on Twitter quite awhile now, but I never really used it in a “professional” capacity. I followed mostly comedians and the like, and that was how I enjoyed my Twitter: as occasional entertainment, for a few laughs and not much else. I followed some writers, some fellow bloggers, and that was it. IContinue reading “Random Thoughts: Twitter, Facebook, and Mike”

Best of 2013 – Blogs I Follow

It’s December, that time of year when everyone and their brother doles out their Top Ten and Year’s Best lists. And since I, on occasion, lack any shred of creativity and originality, I wanted to do a Top Ten/Year’s Best list of my own. That’s when I ran into a problem. I boldly and withContinue reading “Best of 2013 – Blogs I Follow”

Lacking Focus: It’s Not That I Have ADD, It’s Just…Wait, Where Was I?

Coming up in a few weeks I have a week’s vacation scheduled. A glorious nine day period (including weekends) of NOT WORKING. Taking my vacation during the fall started kind of at random, but has become a tradition five years strong. The week of Veteran’s Day I take the entire week off. Last year my wifeContinue reading “Lacking Focus: It’s Not That I Have ADD, It’s Just…Wait, Where Was I?”