Random Thoughts: Twitter, Facebook, and Mike

I’ve been on Twitter quite awhile now, but I never really used it in a “professional” capacity. I followed mostly comedians and the like, and that was how I enjoyed my Twitter: as occasional entertainment, for a few laughs and not much else. I followed some writers, some fellow bloggers, and that was it. IContinue reading “Random Thoughts: Twitter, Facebook, and Mike”

Lacking Focus: It’s Not That I Have ADD, It’s Just…Wait, Where Was I?

Coming up in a few weeks I have a week’s vacation scheduled. A glorious nine day period (including weekends) of NOT WORKING. Taking my vacation during the fall started kind of at random, but has become a tradition five years strong. The week of Veteran’s Day I take the entire week off. Last year my wifeContinue reading “Lacking Focus: It’s Not That I Have ADD, It’s Just…Wait, Where Was I?”

The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation

Man, oh man, what a crazy few days I’ve had, you guys. I’ve gotten exactly squat done writing-wise in the last week or so. It all began Thursday night, when this happened: This is the view the morning after One Bad Mother of a thunderstorm came rolling through with 89mph winds. It’s a huge chunkContinue reading “The Forgotten Art of Simple Conversation”